Get O~ba~

Título: Get O~ba~
COMIC: COMIC Kairakuten 2014-12
Traducción: Coffedrug
Edición: Coffedrug
Corrección: Pzykosis666
Autor: Uo Denim
Circulo: Serubitchi Suisan

Último aporte del día y este es un regalo por parte del Coffe, se te aprecia, hermano XD

De este ultimo no les diré mucho, solo que es una tía súpeeer tetona, jaja.

Y así terminamos el cuarto aniversario del scan, esperamos que les hayan gustado estos 4 aportes y esta vez me toca agradecerles por seguirnos aún despues de todos estos años, en nuestras altas y bajas, jeje, y esperemos seguir aquí unos cuantos años más XD



  1. Hello there !

    I imagine you’re already aware of the news, but well, who knows, right ?

    Did you see the news about Blogspot/Google going full moralfags ?
    They announced they were planning to shut down all blogspot blogs about adult contents by March 23rd 2015.

    I suppose the best for you would be to move to WordPress dot com, or to contact Jacob from Fakku to get hosted with them in a subdomain.

    Sorry for the bad news 🙁


    PS : sorry to write this comment in English, while this is a Spanish-speaking blog, I know this is lacking common courtesy! I had to choose between posting a robot-translated text, or trusting everybody around would understand English 🙁

    • Hehe, no problem with the english after all I do my work from the eng vers.
      I’m well aware about the new politics of google and I’m seriously thinking on changing to wordpress, but in the meantime I’ll just delete all my images, no big deal, since they will just restringe access and not deleting blogs.
      And thanks for the concern Oliver.

  2. Hey Pzykosis666. Also sorry to write in english here but I was trying to get in touch with you but your g.e-hentai inbox seems full. I had sent you a pm about a Mutsutake bounty you had a while ago. If you could either send me a pm or email whenever you get a chance @ alex68785

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